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My Writing Elsewhere

I wrote a popular science book! It’s called “Models of the Mind: How physics, engineering and mathematics have shaped our understanding of the brain”. Find out more about the book and how to get it here!


As part of the OPF Expert Network, I partnered with Sadu to write this piece on how small-scale forestry projects can help fight climate change.

I contributed to a symposium on book writing at The Brains blog with a piece that reflects on how trying to understand past scientific theories can help prepare us for understanding future ones.

I won an essay contest hosted by Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative and the piece—about how black holes can be built in the lab—was published in Nautilus.

I wrote about cortical cartography and the history of the concept of “maps” in the brain for Lateral

My Aeon piece is about how we can compare artificial intelligence to the brain

I interviewed Scott Aaronson about the relationship between quantum computing and black holes and wrote about it here

I occasionally write for the Simons Foundation:

Reaching Across the Aisle to Find the Algorithms of Vision

The Challenges of Proving Predictive Coding

Illuminating the Dark Parameter Space of Neuroscience Modeling

Uncovering Hidden Dimensions in Brain Signals

Frustrated Fish Reveal Glia’s Computational Role in Motivated Behavior

How Important Is Spike Sorting?

Recurrent Connections Improve Neural Network Models of Vision

Grid Cells Encode Both Meaning and Position

How the Brain Holds on to Working Memory

Some Neurons Break the Fire-Together-Wire-Together Rule

Widefield Calcium Imaging in Freely-behaving Rats

Noise Cancelling Method Enhances Ability to Predict Behavior from Brain Activity

Cross-pollination at Cosyne 2018

Foundation Hosts Workshop to Advance Analysis of Calcium Imaging in the Brain

I wrote a three-part series on brain plasticity for the Dana Foundation, the links to which are collected on this page

For SciAm’s guest blog I talked about what it takes to be a scientist

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