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October 15, 2015 / neurograce

Unsupervised Thinking: A new podcast on neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence!

Hey All,

Long time no blog! And, yes, as with most grad school bloggers that was initially out of too much work, distraction, and a touch of laziness. But more recently, it’s because I’ve started a new project: podcasting! It’s called Unsupervised Thinking (a play off “unsupervised learning” in machine learning) and it’s a podcast about neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and science more broadly. And since I and my two fellow podcasters are PhD students in computational neuroscience, it’ll have a computational/systems bend.

Our first episode is on Blue Brain/Human Brain Project, which is the large EU-funded project to simulate the brain in a computer. Our next episode will be on brain-computer interface. Check it out by clicking below!

Unsupervised Thinking Podcast

                       Give us a listen!

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